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Mechanical & Electrical

✓ Project management and execution of EPCC & PCC contract

✓ DOSH Regist. JKKP/2021/19/30 – Pressure Vessel Repairer

✓ DOSH Regist. JKKP/2021/20/15 – Boiler Repairer

✓ DOSH Regist. BP21/579 – Petroleum Contractor (KPD 01 & KPD 02)

✓ Mechanical maintenance, fabrication, services, repairs and upgrading works covering scope of:
    i. Piping &Pipe Support
    ii. Valves (Gate, Ball, Butterfly etc.)
    iii. Fan Blower &Fan Cooler including shaft & pulley
    iv. Gear box, conveyor system, compressor (air and gas compressor)
    v. Exchanger overhaul